Idea’s for the Bowler’s brand of dog food. Hero colour is green, but this can change for easy identification of flavours. The logo is playful in it’s uneven bouncing of the letters, but with an old fashioned font.


Left: Farmhouse look – a simple label evoking clean, simple and honest ingredients from a farmhouse shop. The branding takes a backstage to simple and rustic looking packaging.
Farm type of dog in the logo to enhance that rustic feel, and a stamp for quality assurance.
It’s not troublesome that it’s not totally easily identified as dog food from the look, as this is sold on an online shop specialising in pet supplies.

Centre: Still maintains the farm look and feel, honest and natural. But also brings in a playful element in the illustration that’s easy to connect to and whimsical. Target audience is mostly female, as it is still largely the woman of the household that buys groceries.

Right: Heritage look, bringing a different element of the countryside – hunting/working dogs. No nonsense food for healthy dogs. Heritage look with the green chosen and elements of 20’s styling.



Final design

Shown in the alternate red colour. Natural, rough elements combined with pops of colour. Focus on the logo and main information. An emphasis on simple and honest.