Fabled Campaigns, digital assets and coding

Concept, design and illustration for Mother’s day:
Floral theme to represent the scents of the perfume, the illustrations keep it feminine, but contemporary with strong lines and hints of colour.

Concept, design and art direction for Sun Smart:
A bronzed/rose gold colour that was on trend and also perfect for bronzing products. Bold pops of colour and fun touches represent summer.

Concept, design, email coding and animation for Valentine’s day:
X’s and 0’s for a more modern take on Valentine’s day, that is still fun but less twee than the subject can sometimes be.



Design, coding and upload of Fabled content pieces, FOP banners and category banners. Includes illustration to give a fresh, high fashion look.



Responsive email design and coding – spanning editorial content, product focus and lifecycle.


Other digital assets

Left: design, illustration and upload for 2 in store scrolling screens.