Fetch Rebranding and Marketing

Fetch Rebrand

To create a fun, lively feel, clashing colours have been placed together with bold elements. The pet is now centre stage with large images which enhance the fun and playful brand values.

Site Redesign – UX/UI and branding.

The site is now fully responsive and full width, the colours separate content clearly, creating a more impactful and user focused experience.Transitions and pullout menus pull the user to interact with the site and allow for more content to be held on the page.
Usability is ensured – with high contrasting colours for instant legibility across all screens.

Email Redesign.

Emails carry the brand with strong bold colours and a clear focus on the pet.
Animations have been added for higher click through rates in emails, and also as a playful addition in keeping with the Fetch brand values.
CTAs are in a prominent position directing customers to our store clearly and simply.

Main sale emails:


Special offer emails:



‘Fetch green’ emails: