Mio Site Redesign and digital marketing

Adaptive redesign for Mio skincare

Bold, tiles change position at different sizes, reducing the need for excessive resizing of banners.
This both helped to update the site, but it also works well for a brand with a small focused range of products.

The Mio brand has been updated so it is fresh yet inviting with a focus on imagery. Toned down warm grey tiles break up the photography, so the tiles aren’t fighting for attention with one another.

Orange and pink are the main pops of colour in the Mio brand. They’re now used sparingly – mostly in navigation/CTAs. Now these colours do have impact when they do appear.
Transitions and pullout menus modernise the site and provide interactivity and direction for users.


Mio Digital marketing

An assortment of email designs for Mio skincare, maintaining brand guidelines but still keeping the design fresh and interesting.



As these are quite text heavy, the idea was to put interesting and quite creative imagery to hold attention and keep the page fun and light.