Nexus and Pulse Fitness

Fitness/martial arts branding and flyers

Nexus is a new martial arts and fitness studio, I created branding and flyers which needed to be strong and impactful. The use of a lock logo enforces the idea of strength along with a typical martial arts colour scheme. 

Nexus will have overarching brands, so it was important for it to adapt to new sub-brands without diluting the main branding, this can easily be achieved by changing the red to other colours.



I was asked to create a brand and flyers for a female run martial arts and fitness classes. The brand is tailored to a customer that is rapidly taking fitness more seriously. Therefore the brand is edgy and gritty, with bold strong type and monochrome colours. This contrasts with the usual overly pretty and feminine branding for female run fitness classes. 

I’ve kept the text to a minimum with 2 clear call to actions. The tagline is snappy and action based – appropriate for a gym.